5 Questions To Answer Before Choosing A CRM – Mastermind Discussion

We’ve all been in CRM hell. Whether it’s:

  • Trying to determine if you even need a dedicated CRM,
  • Navigating the numerous options to choose the right CRM for you,
  • Dealing with integrations,
  • Or are having to rip out your current CRM after making the wrong choice. 

You hated it and wish you had help avoiding it.

Here at Automated, it’s our job to connect the teams with the experts to help get the right information across.

Two of these experts are joining me today to answer the 5 Questions our B2B colleagues voted on from a list of 9 provided in a recent poll.   

  1. What Questions should I be asking myself before picking a CRM?
  2. What is the difference between CRM and Marketing Automation? Should I have them both in one app? And, should I have separate CRM and Marketing Automation?
  3. What is the simplest way to add attribution data into lightweight CRMs?
  4. Not every B2B org can integrate chat (Drift/Intercom…) effectively. So at what point is it good to integrate chat on the frontend?
  5. When is a dedicated CRM (Hubspot, Copper, Salesforce) necessary?