A Product Hunt Strategy Mastermind With The Automated.af Members

Have a listen to what we recorded today… https://automated.af/automated-sales-and-marketing-processes/a-product-hunt-strategy-mastermind-with-the-automated-members/ Kaloyan Yankulov, Baptiste Debever, Matt Lo, Gaetano Caruana, and I dug into product hunt strategy on a new ‘mastermind’ podcast format (and these strategies are useful for ANY product launch – not just product hunt features). >> LINK TO THE FULL EPISODE IN THE COMMENTS << ✔️ Using tools to build a list of ideal ‘hunters’ to reach out to. ✔️ How to get more life from your hunt. ✔️ Why you do not want just anyone upvoting. ✔️ Dealing with negative feedback. ✔️ Prepping content and your team. And much more… Let me know what you think! If you have any mastermind discussion needs 🙂