Applying Business Process Engineering to Marketing Automation with Sam Ovett

This month for the Marketing Automation Discussion we are talking with Sam Ovett on how to apply business process engineering to the sales and marketing world.

Business process engineering is the practice of analyzing businesses and applying new methods to make them run leaner, better and more efficiently.

Sam is Director and part of a father and son team at Mobile Pocket Office, an agency dedicated to helping people leverage technology for their business and marketing processes. Sam talks us through:

  • 4 steps for automating your sales & marketing processes
  • How to keep your automations organized
  • How to choose tools for your tech stack
  • What he looks for in MarTech applications
  • Common pitfalls for automators
  • How to promote adoption for new processes

And of course, a bunch more.

If you would like to access materials mentioned in this episode, you can find them provided by Mobile Pocket Office here: