How To Automate Content Creation with Michael Greenberg

Developing compelling, unique content often requires a large amount of resources from you and your team. Today we discuss how to fully leverage podcasting and automation to create unique content for all channels including SEO, social and video to reduce the time and resources required to create high performing content.

Our guest today is Michael Greenberg. Michael is the founder of Gentlemen of Technology, a B2B venture creation and growth consulting firm, and the CEO of the podcasting agency Call For Content.

Michael and I discuss:

  • The 2 and 3 main components of the podcast content automation
  • The exact steps for marketing managers doing implementation
  • Who should be the face of your podcasting
  • The best industries for leveraging podcasting
  • Common problems people face when implementing content automation
  • The future of content automation

We hope you enjoy this episode and get your hands into some of Michael’s techniques to increase your team’s content creation.