How to continue cold emailing under GDPR?

This was a question asked on Quora recently and we have a great answer recorded for you today: 1. Firstly, there is only one GDPR (it is new entirely). 2. Secondly, B2C ‘email prospecting’ under GDPR is strictly prohibited, so we’re only going to discuss the rules around B2B prospecting under GDPR. Now, how do you prospect for B2B leads in the EU post-GDPR without breaking the new law and being fined? 1. Gathering data – Purpose and accuracy of the data – Ad hoc vs pulling from a pre-built database 2. Acting on that data (outreach) 1. Follow opt-out vs opt-in regulation. – In opt-in regulation, start via a channel other than email. – Linkedin message/inmail/follow, Quora follow/comment Finally, I’d like to conclude on how to see GDPR as an opportunity. 1. Most bad practices will die-out and the ones who are doing it right will continue 2. Be relevant, add value and initiate dialogue (not sales)