How Unbounce Built and Scaled their Partner Program w/ Ty Lingley

Today we go deeper into partnerships – if you haven’t listened to the first few segments on partnerships with Jay from, Bryn from and Sunir from the Cloud software association, check those out after you hear this episode…

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My guest today is Tyrone Lingley, the Director of Partnerships at Ty is also a board member of the Cloud Software Association where he connects and educates partnership professionals in the B2B SaaS space.

Ty is going to answer the Hard questions founders and teams should ask themselves before you go-to-market with a Partner Program, and how answered these questions while outlining one of the most well-executed partner program rollouts I’ve ever witnessed.

  • The risks of a partner program – like Channel conflict, Last click attribution with affiliates, Compliance Issues, Nexus taxation, Product alignment.
  • The stack – do you need a PRM (partner relations management software) on top of your CRM, and what that build looks like if you go that route.
  • Standard operating procedures for sales discussions with a partners’ referral
  • The 7 steps to a go-to-market journey for Unbounces partner program.