Is LinkedIn useful for sales outreach? What should I know?

**Is LinkedIn useful for prospecting and personal branding?** Short answer = Yes. **How do I put LinkedIn to good Use?** 1. Thought leadership 2. Recruitment 3. Events 4. Biz/Dev 5. Channel Partnerships 6. But, no matter what you use it for, do not do it like this… (see examples below) 1. Try to sell/schedule a demo/ask them to register…. 2. Do not pretend your BFF’s… 3. Don’t lie… 4. Don’t embellish on your company or personal achievements… **How to do it correctly?** 1. Make it valuable and relevant! 2. Try not to send a message immediately 3. Start with something less invasive 4. Don’t immediately send message after the connection request has been accepted but wait for a few days. 5. It’s ok to add a line about something you want them to check out, but do not make that the purpose of the message.