Onboarding Automations – The Strategies that work, and those that don’t. w/ Wes Bush

Whether you are a SaaS company needing to register new users effectively, or anyone with a registration page on your website, effective communication with those who are just being introduced to your product/brand for the first time is key.

  1. How much automation is too much? 
  2. Onboarding differences for freemium vs paid plans?
  3. Whether or not to require email verification? 
  4. Why use trigger-based emails vs time-based emails? 
  5. How to use third party data enrichment tools effectively in the onboarding process?

Full show notes: https://automated.af/automated-sales-and-marketing-processes/onboarding-autom…orks-what-doesnt/ (with promo code to free year of Zendesk!)

My guest today is Wes Bush. Wes is best-known for challenging the traditional way of growing a SaaS business. He has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, and has lectured at Canada’s top Polytechnic college. He is currently the founder and president of Product-Led Institute.

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