The Marketing Automation Discussion
The Marketing Automation Discussion
How to build an agile marketing stack | Alex Glenn & Dan McGaw

How to build an agile marketing stack | Alex Glenn & Dan McGaw

Alex: Dan is a CEO, Founder, Author, Martech and Marketing Analytics Leader! Dan is the CEO and Founder of Effin Amazing

I have been a huge fan of Dan’s for some time now, but we finally got a chance to meet while Dan was giving the presentation that we are about to showcase on this episode.

I will let Dan introduce himself in a moment, but today he is going to lay out the groundwork for all of you listening interested in build the marketing technology stack of your dreams:

Integrated, Powerful, Seamless.

We discuss analytics, data enrichment, sales automation, tagging, lead scoring… and much more.

Dan and I discuss;

  1. The 21st-century stack and the components within it (hint, it’s much larger than you think).

  2. Dan’s interpretation of automated lead scoring and his favorite intent scoring sequence.

  3. What is “Radar” for mobile and how is it used for personalized marketing…

  4. The Real Thread stack case study.

  5. What does taxonomy means to your stack?

  6. And much more...