[Part 1] Tech-Enabled Recruiting – w/ Ryan Leary and Alan Walker…

Today, we aim to give hiring teams and recruiters some valuable content in the form of a two-part episode: 

  • Part one (this episode) features Ryan Leary, the CMO of Recruiting Daily, and Mr. Alan Walker, founder/CEO of Udder – which helps companies enable talent technologies in hiring processes.
  • Between Alan and Ryan, we have the brains and experience we need to T up this episode on what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s changing in the world of recruitment. 
  • Following this – continue listening to the second episode where I talk to Steven Lu – founder of Interseller – the platform helping sales and recruitment teams get in touch with anyone via email. Interseller specializes in recruitment outreach and Steven’s knowledge of data and cold outreach – particularly to personal emails – is unmatched in my opinion.