The When Why and How of Proposal Creation and Automation, with Founder of

To get a client to sign the contract first requires a statement of work. I.e. a proposal of work. And the process by which your agency produces, sends and tracks these proposal can potentially kill the deal. You can shoot yourself in the foot with your proposal process by:

1. Making you look unprofessional or inadequate,

2. Under qualifying and poor needs assessment leading up to your proposal,

3. Allowing too much time for your prospect to shop your proposal,

4. Having poor SOPs and under tracked grey areas in your sales pipeline filled with unknowns…

My guest today has tested and experienced almost every rational proposal composition and presentation method you can think of.

That guest is Adam Hempenstall – Adam is the founder and CEO at – a proposal management software that helps you close more sales, faster.Adam and I discuss:

  • The best structure for an agencies sales process
  • The do’s and dont’s of automating your proposals
  • How long and detailed your proposal should be
  • The process for creating, sending and tracking proposals
  • What “live” proposals are
  • And how to best incorporate chat and other conversion tech onto the proposal pages

I hope you enjoy this incredible episode around an aspect of your business that could make or lose your business thousands in revenue.