What are the keys to Sales and Marketing alignment?

Here is a brand new and exciting episode with none other than Dan Smith 🤯 of WinningByDesign.com Dan and I focus in on connecting sales and marketing flows with tools and processes to increase revenue with less human bandwidth. We talk about tools, strategies, processes and the keys to sales/marketing alignment. 🔑🔑 Issues you may have experienced: ✖️ Poor handoffs between sales and marketing. ✖️ Marketing copy not match sales collateral. ✖️ Not having proper lead attribution from marketing in the CRM. ✖️ Not having an automated the lead distribution process. ✖️ Missing pre-demo nurturing emails and post-demo sequences… Dan provides a great anecdote and I go through his chatbot in the full episode so definitely check that out. If you have any stories about sales and marketing issues in a team you’ve been on in your career, we’d love to hear about! #automation #marketing #sales #alignment