What It Takes To Scale a SaaS ‘Platform’ – Lesson’s Learned From Co-Founder of Reply.io

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Lee and Reply.io started a few years ago with $0 in funding and an ok product. After initial groundwork and a few hires, they raised a seed round of $400K and went to work on product and sales process. Today they are highly-profitable with 60 team members, fully distributed and a kick-ass sales system.

If you are:

  1. A B2B organization in a growth phase,
  2. Dealing with sales and marketing alignment issues, 
  3. Curious when and how to implement partnership strategies,
  4. Or are unsure if an Account-Based Sales strategy is right for your business…

Then have a listen to this episode. The theme today is scaling a B2B sales and marketing system.

In this hour-long episode, Lee and I discuss: 

  1. Reply’s scaling stages, and key inflection points at each. 
  2. Account-Based Selling – what it is, how do you determine if it’s right for your business, and what do you need in terms of technology or personnel to enable an ABS model…
  3. We then spend 20min detailing Partnership Program strategy (highly-recommend listening to that segment if nothing else.)
  4. And Lee gives us his view on the martech ecosystem and outlook on the future.