The Marketing Automation Discussion
The Marketing Automation Discussion
[Short Version] The CRM Deep-Dive Mastermind | Alex Glenn, Scott Gellatly, Alex Bass and Mark Colgan

[Short Version] The CRM Deep-Dive Mastermind | Alex Glenn, Scott Gellatly, Alex Bass and Mark Colgan

**This is the SHORT version - not including pricing + future of CRM. If you are interested in the entire recording - go ahead and listen to the previous episode...

Today is a special type of episode called a Mastermind discussion where I invite more than one participant to have an open discussion to clear up a major pain point we see in the world of marketing and sales automation. 

The focus of this mastermind is CRM. And my guests are: 

Scott Gellatly from Scale My Empire in Melbourne, Australia Alex Bass, founder of CyberBytes in New York,  And my colleague, Founder of Yellow O and our Head of Stack Services here at Automated, originally from London but streaming to us now from Phuket Thailand, Mr. Mark Colgan.

I’ve invited these 3 experts to help me shed light on the topic of choosing and building-out your scalable CRM system. 

This is the aspect of any sales stack that can either be the most expensive mistake you will have to replace, or the most valuable tool helping your sales and marketing team understand where every prospect is at and triggering the necessary automations to better customer experience. 

This is a subject I take very seriously, so one guest will not cover all of our bases. 

We go in deep - this discussion was over 120 min in total before edits. You will hear about:

What to look out for when considering ‘Free’ versions of a CRM... CRM strategy - when and how to consider CRM in your stack... The necessary considerations around CRM-triggered automations How to setup your CRM for success Pricing for the two main CRMs we will highlight,  And the business models of each of these CRMs so you know which will be best for your business long-term…